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WAIHI BEACH LOCAL | Natarsha Munro

Posted on September 09 2019


Meet Waihi Beach local, Natarsha Munro. From work experience at the physio clinic at 17, Tarsh’s love story with Waihi Beach circled back 20 years later to become the owner of Waihi Beach Physiotherapy, together with her husband whom she met at the Waihi Beach Surf Club, and their two children. As well as physiotherapy, Tarsh also teaches Pilates, mindfulness, Bradcliffe Breathing and other ways to help empower people to be involved and supported when it comes to their healthcare.

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Why do you do what you do?

At 17 I did a work experience day at the Waihi Beach Physio clinic to see if it was what I wanted to do. I loved it! I love being a physio. I’ve worked in community rehab, at Middlemore Hospital, as a Health Advisor in Scotland, in aged care, there’s so many different things you can do as a physio, you never get bored. I’m always growing in my skills and knowledge as well! I think focusing on empowering people to take a more active role in their own healthcare and their own ways of getting better is important. It’s nice to be able to help people help themselves too, particularly when it comes to mindfulness and breathing. Yes, we will do the hands-on stuff, and here are other ways you can help yourself get better from this injury. As well as physiotherapy, we currently offer 12 Pilates classes a week, have just started a satellite clinic in Waihi and offer mindfulness and breathing pattern workshops too.



Who do you help?

We mainly service the Waihi Beach, Katikati and Waihi communities, supporting anything from sporting injuries to office aches and pains, people who drive in the car a lot or those with everyday injuries. We work with kids, the rugby club, and even post-surgery rehab. Also, because we have an amazing team I can travel twice a week to Hamilton’s Hillcrest high school to work at the physical assistance centre, supporting children with muscular dystrophy and other physical challenges. I love the idea of locals helping locals.

Why Waihi Beach?

For me it was a bit of nostalgia, to come back to the beach where my kids go to school where I went to school. A lot of people go away, but we came back, because it’s home. I actually met my husband when I was 15 at the Waihi Beach Surf Club! I had a great childhood here, my parents are based here as well. We’ve lived in Hamilton and Scotland, but Waihi Beach has been home for us for the last two years. The Physio clinic was a great business opportunity for me to do what I love, I didn’t want to do anything other than physiotherapy, and for us to be where we wanted to live and raise our family. Waihi Beach just seemed like a great lifestyle change for us, and to have the kids grow up going to the beach, playing netball, it’s the kind of life we want for them.




How does the seasonal nature of Waihi Beach’s crowds effect your business?

Summer at Waihi Beach is manic! We get lots and lots of people who are just around for the weekend or a holiday and it really does get quite busy then! Of course, we also want to enjoy summer with our families too, so it’s always that constant juggle of working and having time out to enjoy the beach and the sunshine. It ebbs and flows a little bit in winter, but we have a busy local client base, especially our winter sports players, and the over-eager gardeners!

What’s the dream?

This sounds corny, but I think we’re already living the dream! We’re very lucky, I love summer and I’d love it to be summer more, who doesn’t enjoy walking on the beach on the way to school! Finding that ultimate work life balance is something we’re still challenged with on a daily basis. A small team and family-run business means we have to be flexible to the challenges that come up, and it’s about being kind to yourself. The longer you’re in this business you see how we all need to do this more, be kind and take care of ourselves.

 Increasing relationships with local businesses and strengthening those local ties is also important to me. We’re really lucky here at Waihi Beach to have many options for wellness, yoga, Pilates. We’ve got a really lovely community filled with great people, and cool businesses around. I would love Waihi Beach to continue to progress but stay in other ways as it is, a great place for kids to get outdoors and active.


To wrap up, what’s your style?

Casual! I love that I can wear track pants to work and no one looks at me sideways! I love colour, I love stripes, I love dresses, accessories, oh and I love jandals! Beach life, it's that balance, right?

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WORDS BY Anna Schroeder
PHOTOS BY Sheryl Nicholson
LOCATION Secret Garden Waihi Beach