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Posted on August 20 2019

We catch up with Kate Mason from Good Form Body, a Pilates and yoga collaborative community based in Waihi Beach and Mount Maunganui. Kate is an inspiring yoga teacher (we can attest to this!) and we’re keen to find out more about how Kate has built her dream into a reality here at Waihi Beach….



Why do you do what you do?

Along with my best friend since 14, Lucy, we were looking for the kind of Pilates and yoga we loved overseas but couldn’t find the style we were after back in NZ. We created Good Form Body to bring something new into the Bay of Plenty. Lucy (Leppard) is a physiotherapist and has trained in clinical Pilates and Barre Body, which goes so well with my yoga training for strength and a more physical understanding of the body. We are always collaborating our skills to better support our clients and complement each other’s strengths.



Why yoga?

I found yoga about 4 years ago and fell in love with it. Back then I was full time teaching, but losing my passion for it. I’ve always wanted to help people, hence the teaching, but I’m also a spiritual person and I love listening and teaching and trying to find a solution. Yoga has helped me to grow as a person and to heal from inside out, and physically has totally transformed my body as well. I wanted to share this journey with others so I completed my yoga training with Blissology and now balance my primary teaching part-time at Waihi Beach School with yoga classes


And has finding yoga helped you regain your passion for teaching?

Yes, it has! The change between the topics of teaching, and my mindset is really different too, I go in feeling quite refreshed with the kids, I’m less hard on myself and less stressed: I’m loving being there with them. I’m also able to teach the kids a bit of yoga too with some mindfulness and breathing.



Who else do you work with?

I started with private group yoga classes and this has expanded to public classes 3 times a week during winter with more to come in summer. I’m also loving teaching at work spaces like council and having them roll out from their desk into yoga!



Why Waihi Beach and not the big smoke?

I’ve lived in Auckland and Mount Maunganui after growing up in Katikati, but Waihi Beach has always been my favourite town. When I moved back I wasn’t sure how I was going to go living in this little town, but then I met my partner Matt who has lived here forever, and I’ve found my way. I couldn’t imagine living in a city now! It’s just so chill, and you can walk over to Orakawa or the trig (walking track) and hardly see anyone. And there’s the best coffees, food, and shops! I might go to the city to do my jobs but then I really just want to come back home to Waihi Beach.

I also think there’s so much potential here too- you can bring in some of those big city perks without the big city feel. There’s so many creatives at Waihi Beach, there’s so much to learn, and creatively there’s lots of outlets available. And physically, there’s some amazing teachers here too - personal training, yoga, Pilates, it’s all already here.




Winter at Waihi Beach can be a challenge for any business, how have you made winter work for you?

Winter months definitely slow down with holidays and illness, and there’s less people around, but I choose to show up each week and be consistent. I try to focus on warming up winter bodies, keeping it fresh and making sure people are excited and connected. In saying that, hibernating is important during winter; inspiration can’t always be sky high! This has been our first winter so it’s certainly been interesting.Next year I want to focus on workshop development to support winter themes and yoga sequences so it’s suited to what people have going on in their lives during those slower months.

What’s the dream? How does Waihi Beach help make that happen?

The most important thing for me is building the community, where we all feel safe, we connect, every week we chat, we actually talk to each other and see if you’re ok, if you’re not ok. One of my favourite things about yoga is that it opens up that space with like-minded people. You could do yoga by yourself everyday, but it’s the connection and meeting with people that makes it what it is. Yoga means connecting together, yoking together, so that is what it is about for me. This is what Lucy and I are trying to achieve, building these communities that will one day be able come together to create a space where people can go everyday to practice yoga and Pilates together. By creating a community amazing things can happen!

Last question - style wise, what’s yours?

I love active wear, obviously! High waisted, always, whether tights, shorts or skirts. Feeling supported in really important to me (and not see through!). No one wants a top flying over their eyes during class so comfort is everything. Otherwise, I’m pretty casual, I’m trying to get away from tooo baggy. I love to be comfortable but I also love it when I’ve got a new outfit where I just feel like, YES! Feeling good is what’s most important really.


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insta: @goodformbody


WORDS BY Anna Schroeder
PHOTOS BY Sheryl Nicholson
LOCATION Secret Garden Waihi Beach